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Student Package


11 O’Clock Number

When the 8:30 curtain was in vogue, the BIG musical number in Act II was often referred to as the 11 O’Clock Number. Learn the vocals and choreography of a large ensemble number in a current Broadway show from an actual member of the company! This workshop pairs perfectly with tickets to the show.

Professional Audition Experience

Ever fantasize about performing a musical number from SMASH or a scene from PERSON OF INTEREST for a casting professional who’s worked on the actual production? Mock auditions mimic the professional audition experience down to every detail. Casting directors provide personal feedback for participants and share tips from a pro to help improve your audition game.

Showstopper! – A Working Musical Theater Party

It’s Tuesday, and we’re in rehearsal for a Broadway Musical. A new chorus number has to go into the show by Thursday, so as fast as possible, we’re going to learn a song, stage it, and knock everybody’s socks off with our fantastic showstopper! Pick up some great new tips on how to work fast under pressure and get a taste of how the work gets done professionally in New York City.

Broadway Musicals And The Joy Of Singing In Them

This exciting workshop is about all the participants “breaking through” to more joyous, confident and powerful singing performances. Here’s your chance to work with a Broadway Professional Musical Theatre Coach. Volunteers will be asked to sing, so please bring sheet music and/or CDs with you. If you don’t have music with you, you’re still encouraged to attend! A cappella is a good thing!

Okay, I’m Singing, But What Do I Do With My Hands?

You’ve learned the melody, mastered the rhythms, memorized the lyrics, put your stage fright behind you and have finally gotten up there to sing. Everything’s great, except you’re standing there like a tree! Through theatre games and exercises, we’ll explore how to physicalize your song (especially what to do with your hands!). Learn how mastering the physical can create exciting singing performances!

Winning Singing Auditions

We’ll take a look at what’s good and eliminate what’s bad in singing auditions. We’ll cover finding new audition songs, and explore some exciting and risky new ways to perform them. Everyone is encouraged to participate, so please bring your CDs and/or sheet music. Even if you are not auditioning yet, this is a great workshop in which to learn what will be expected of you.

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